Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Discount Alert!

So this is not one of my usual posts.  I recently discovered Polabox a.k.a PrintKlub which lets you print your photos straight from your smartphone using the app or on their website - whatever your preference.  But wait a minute, there are lots of sites that do this I hear you say.  This one's pretty cool because they offer bundle prints in polaroid format, cute lil' magnets, posters or framed posters and lots more! What's more the packaging is pretty ace.  I ordered mine today and I am very excited to see the final results!

If you're like me and absolutely love taking photos of everything and anything, this is a unique way of having fun with your pics and they also make really nice presents!  All you need to do is visit the website, select your favourite snap(s), hit the checkout button and use the promo KIMMA3M to get £4.00 discount of your first purchase.  Click here to visit the site!

Please note this is by no means a sponsored post and the promo code is only valid in the UK (and maybe other European territories).

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